Mount Bromo Tour

Mount Bromo tour, who don’t know the popularity of this active volcano. Mount Bromo is the most famous mountain in East Java with the most crowded visits every year.

Mount Bromo has an altitude of 2,392 meters above sea level and is in four districts, namely Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Lumajang and Malang Regency. The natural state of Mount Bromo is also intertwined with valleys, canyons, caldera or sea of sand with an area of about 10 Km.

Mount Bromo is also included in one area of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, where there are several tourist attractions that can be visited such as Mount Semeru, Mount Tengger, Mount Batok, several lakes and Mount Bromo itself.

Like a volcano that is still active, Mount Bromo has experienced eruptions at regular intervals within 20 centuries, which is about 30 years. The biggest eruption occurred in 1974 and erupted again in 2010.

Besides the beauty that is stored on Mount Bromo, Yadna Kasada or Kasodo Ceremony is what makes Mount Bromo the main destination every year. The Kasodo ceremony is held annually on the full moon in December or January.

The origin of Kasodo’s ceremony dates back to the 15th century where it was told of a daughter named Roro Anteng who led the Tengger kingdom with her husband, Joko Seger. This couple did not have children and therefore they prayed and begged the mountain gods to give their children.

From their request, the god gave 24 children and obliged them to sacrifice their 25th child to be thrown into the volcano. Even this demand for gods has become a tradition to this day. The Tengger people perform the Kasada ceremony by throwing the produce into the Bromo crater as a thanksgiving for the harvest received and as a request for a more abundant harvest in the following season.

Even though it is full of danger, there are some locals who take the risk of going up and down to the crater in an attempt to recover the sacrificed items that are believed to bring good luck.

Midnight mount Bromo tour is perfect for those of you who only have short vacation time because the midnight mount Bromo tour package only takes about 12 hours and you can enjoy the beauty of Mount Bromo. The pick-up starts at 23:00, and continues towards Mount Bromo.

Alternative Sunset Mount Bromo Tour from Bukit Mentigen

Travelers who have often heard and often visit Mount Bromo Tour must be familiar with the beauty offered. Even those who have never come when they hear Mount Bromo Tour will immediately be reminded of the beauty of the sunset that was served. But did you know that there are other places that save the beauty of the sunset without having to use a jeep?

Mentigen Hill is one of the places commonly use to set up your tents. Because of the hill of Mentigen, we can enjoy the beauty of Mount Semeru, Mount Batok, Mount Bromo, blankets of thick clouds, and the stretch of sand of Mount Bromo. Treat the beauty of nature as if present as a complement to visiting Mount Bromo Tour. So not a few people come to make their vacation more complete and more memorable.

The presence of hill Mentigen is in Cemoro Lawang, Ngadisari, Probolinggo. The location is not far from the entrance to Mount Bromo Tour. Enough with just 30 minutes if you intend to walk. Don’t be afraid if you want to be faster until you can use a motorbike or ojek with just 15 minutes of travel time or 1-kilometer distance. You will get the perfection of sunset when you are on Mentigen Hill.

The route from the trip to Mentigen Hill is very easy. So you don’t need special preparation to go there. If you want to go to Mentigen Hill to hunt sunset, then you can just go about 04.00 – 04.30 p.m. Comparison with other hills in Mount Bromo Tour, for example with pananjakan 1 and Pananjakan 2 it is indeed lower. But the beauty of Mount Bromo and Mount Batok is enough to be seen parallel to the sun observation area.

We can usually feel the beauty of the sunset at about 05.00 p.m. The observation point on Mentigen Hill is still very natural and very beautiful for your healthy eye and mind. One place that is always interested is if a group comes to Mount Bromo Tour. Along the path are still surrounded by tree ferns and Cantiga. To get to the location, you can already use a car with smooth road access. Only at a cost of less than 35,000 a person, you can already get extraordinary natural beauty. For ojek fees, usually, about 75,000 go there and back.

Mount Bromo Tour

The beauty of nature in Indonesia is indeed undoubted. Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country in the world. Indonesia’s geography with the islands and mountains has a promising natural charm for Indonesia. Why is that? Because the natural beauty of a country can have a positive impact on the land itself with tourism. The grace of nature can be an additional income for the community with the arrival of tourists both local and foreign tourists. With the vast territory of Indonesia, there are certainly many places that have an attraction but are still not widely known. This has become a treasure for Indonesia itself. Every citizen must protect the nature of Indonesia to be sustainable.

Indonesia is indeed famous for its nature tourism. From the top of the mountain to the shoreline can be the center of attraction for local or foreign tourists. We have Puncak Jaya as the highest mountain in Indonesia which is an attraction for hikers and climbers around the world as it is included in the list of Seven Summits. We also have Bali which is famous for its beautiful beaches. The numbers of tourist destinations with natural nuances make Indonesia crowded with foreign tourists every year. This is undoubtedly beneficial for the tourism sector. However, of course, this natural beauty is not only to be enjoyed by foreign tourists, but also by local tourists.

Talking about tourist destinations in Indonesia is indeed endless. However, in this article, we will talk about one of the most famous and popular tourist destinations, Mount Bromo. Mount Bromo is part of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. It is located in East Java province. This mountain undoubtedly has an incredible natural charm. Therefore, Mount Bromo tour is not something new amongst the tourists. There are not a few travel agencies that provide Mount Bromo tour. You can find them online easily. Mount Bromo tour is probably the most tour ever done in Indonesia. Mount Bromo is close to Mount Semeru, so you will be able to notice Mount Semeru over the horizon in the south. You will find it more spectacular during the sunrise.

For many people, Mount Bromo is hands down the best mountain to visit in Indonesia. No wonder it is always visited by tourists every year. You certainly do not want to miss this one. So, prepare your belonging as you go to Mount Bromo right now!