The Power of Memes in Digital Marketing

If you have no idea what a meme is, then probably you are an internet-sheltered or you have reached the peak of your maturity to use the internet as a platform for comedic entertainment. If you do really spend an amount of your time on the internet, so you must have come across a bunch of internet memes. Even you can go to a certain website to generate memes based on your liking. The meme itself has now won a vigorous presence in popular awareness. Straight from Wikipedia, a meme /meem/ defines as an idea, style, or behavior that spreads from person to person, often with the aim to convey a particular theme, meaning, or phenomenon which is represented by the meme.

Some people might think that the meme is complete nonsense, a waste of time, and that is something for those who have nothing to do but to stay on the internet all day long. Yet the fact that when it comes to a business, the meme is an effective marketing tool to promote and enhance the visibility of your business on the internet. A picture of the cat, silly cartoon, or a particular scene from a movie, has been widely spread out on the internet which instantly becomes a giant concept that everyone can use. Since the meme mostly appears in a form of the image, the visitors find it easier to relate with the meme rather than a long article. By using the meme, it will easier to grab the visitors attention to buy your product or even create a positive persona of your product. Therefore, we provide you several tips to enhance the utility of these social phenomenons in your marketing business.

  1. Get to know the memes first
    The very first rule you must do in using the meme is to fully understand what you are trying to say. If you truly understand what the meme is about, so there is no big deal. If you don’t, do some research! Make sure you don’t use the meme incorrectly, or you will be ridiculed by your potential customers.
  2. Get to know your target audience
    Make sure your target audience is internet savvy, so you can use the meme as your marketing tool. You can use word-based memes in your social media posts. You can also picture based memes. But if they are not, so you must be reconsidering this marketing strategy.
  3. Make your own memes
    Just by simply applying the memes in your business is not enough. You can create your own memes by holding a contest on Twitter or Instagram and using a certain catchy hashtag, make your own words, videos, images, anything which has the potential to go viral.

So, when it comes to digital marketing, the memes are the best option for you to be applied in your business. These social phenomenons are easy to use, memorable, one of a kind marketing tool, and funny!